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Netposible Software

Netposible Software is an artificial intelligence company that assists businesses in enhancing their efficiency through its applications. Its focus on AI as a service has been pivotal in automating tasks, decision-making, and improving business productivity, enabling companies to achieve their business goals more efficiently

What do we do?

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

We offer Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS), creating AI-driven software to help businesses enhance their products and customer experience, as well as make data-driven decisions and automate time-consuming tasks. Our focus on artificial intelligence as a service enables us to provide customized and scalable solutions that drive efficiency and business success.

Our history

Our software company was founded in the year 2014 with the initial goal of developing custom software for our clients. Over time, we evolved and began working on our own products, marketing them, and providing support to our customers. Currently, we remain focused on the development and improvement of our products to meet the needs of a growing audience both in Argentina and worldwide. We continue to be committed to providing innovative and high-quality solutions to ensure the success of our customers.

Our creations


The artificial intelligence that manages your fleet

We created Followapp to assist individuals in monitoring vehicles and mobile devices for their businesses.

Through the artificial intelligence we developed in Followapp, users don’t need to actively monitor the vehicles. The app continuously oversees the vehicles, and if anything occurs, it notifies them. This is more efficient and requires less effort for business owners.

Additionally, having a tool to make decisions or for security in case of any incidents is always important.


Your gym partners pay on time SAC GYM is an operating system for your gym, meaning it will manage and automate your gym so that nothing is overlooked in administration, billing, and more.

This app is designed to help gym owners and entrepreneurs automate their gym operations and ensure timely payments from all gym members without missing a single subscription day and without generating any friction.

We believe that communication is key, and how SAC GYM communicates with members encourages timely payments, especially when combined with an access turnstile.

Without a turnstile, SAC GYM alone achieves a 91% on-time payment rate. With the turnstile, the on-time payment rate reaches 100%.

SAC GYM features facial recognition control developed by us, requiring only a webcam. Additionally, it offers control through ID card (DNI), and you can add fingerprint control for added security.


Automate the way you track attendance in your company.

SAC Empresa is an app that, through employees’ mobile phones, automatically tracks when they arrive and leave work without the need for anything other than our app. This makes attendance control easy, automatic, and frictionless, as both employees and employers have a record of attendance.

Our app controls attendance through geofencing and QR codes, providing flexibility according to preferences.

SAC Empresa also features artificial intelligence that helps employees arrive on time and in good spirits with ChatGPT.

Billing Bot

Automatically charge your customers Our app is a BOT that automates and takes care of the automatic subscription billing. It is perfect for companies with SaaS (software as a service) products and for businesses of any kind that need to manage their customers’ subscriptions.

The bot handles the creation of monthly or weekly payments, as needed, and collects them easily through virtual wallets. If necessary, it suspends service for customers with unpaid invoices.

Billing is done through email, SMS (the most effective method), and through notifications in our clients’ applications.

Designs and customer communication can be customized to maintain the appropriate tone for each company.

Who do we create our APPS for?​

Our applications are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and sectors, providing customized solutions that allow them to improve efficiency and productivity. Additionally, we focus on continuously enhancing our technologies to ensure we offer high-quality products that benefit all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and business partners. In summary, our applications are designed for companies across all sectors and for anyone looking to enhance their efficiency and quality of life.

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Welcome to our podcast, ‘Startup Experience.’ Here, we share our day-to-day journey as a startup and the significant results and learnings we have gained along the way. In each episode, we address relevant topics for entrepreneurs and share insights from our work in the technology and artificial intelligence sector. Join us as we share inspiring stories, practical tips, and reflections on building and growing a successful business.

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